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CDR-Stats is a multi-tenant application to browse, analyse and graph CDR (Call Detail Records) with automated threat alerts for multiple switches and PBX systems.

Call Traffic Analysis and Alert Tools include :

  • Dashboard: Overview of call activity
  • Search CDR: Search, filter, display and export CDR
  • Daily Comparison: Compare call traffic day on day
  • Real-Time Statistics and Concurrent Calls through the day
  • Call Country Report and World Map report
  • Mail daily aggregated reports
  • Threat Control: Detect abnormal call patterns
  • Destination Alerts: Unexpected destination alerts

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Star2Billing S.L. offers consultancy including installation, training and customisation on CDR-Stats. Contact us at cdr-stats@star2billing.com for more information

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CDR-Stats is licensed under MPL V2, however an alternative license can be purchased if the MPL V2 license is not suitable for your requirements.

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